Monday, September 10, 2012

One of the best Entertainment destinations of Chennai

If you are a Chennaite, you will definitely know about Satyam Cinemas. This place has quite a lot to offer. With a gaming station, play lounge for children, a traditional small hotel to eat after watching the movie, a café, a bakery and a really big screen there is nothing to complain about the place. There are six theatres inside the complex .This theatre in mount road is well equipped technologically and has a huge parking space. The parking space is well arranged to suit the timings of the show.

The online booking system is very reliable. You could book your tickets online from home .You could print the ticket or collect it from the theatre .You also have ten rupee tickets. I still remember buying a ten rupees ticket for a Jodha Akbar movie and I still don’t regret it .I was not unhappy but the seats for the ten rupee movie ticket are wooden. So it’s all about suiting yourself.

This entertainment destination is a hot favorite among the people of Chennai .Popular among all age groups this theatre is here to stay. They opened recently another Satyam in Perambur and it is very popular among the residents of the area. There is an Escape Cinemas in the Express Avenue mall which is a part of Satyam cinemas that is extremely lush and promises to redefine the cinema going experience.

I love Satyam Cinemas, especially their pop-corns with the extra flavoring .Which is your favorite theatre in the city?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Funny Kids Saying

Kids always say the most funny, random & sometime very insightful things. I love to write down some of the things my kids say & also love to hear what others come out with too.

I’ve done this in a few different places in the past, but have decided to bring it in as a regular feature to my blog here.

Each Sunday I’m going to post something funny a small person has said as submitted by you guys, my readers.

If you want to join in just email me ( a funny thing you’ve heard a child say, or you can use the contact form above.

Feel free to also add a copy of the button onto your blog too (if you have one).

And now for our first funny thing, this one comes direct from one of my monsters from a few years ago….

Mr 4: Mummy how old is our cat?
Me: 16
Mr 4: She’s big

Then we went back & forth me saying he was 50, 36, 93 etc & Mr 4 saying no I’m four over & over

Me: How do you know you’re four?
Mr 4: It’s just my number mummy, that’s just how old I am
Me: But who told you?
Mr 4: No-one, it just is my number