Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rajni the funny boy of Indian cinema is ready for his next comedy Kochadaiyaan

Rajni the only superstar of Indian cinema has announced his next movie ''Kochadaiyaan''. The tom boy girl Soundarya is going to direct the movie under the supervision of K.S.Ravi Kumar. This movie is going to be shot in the latest 3d technology and all the boys get ready to see thalaivar near u in 3d . Dhanush boy's Why this kolaveri di is doing records in youtube, here comes my Thalai to break all the records done by all the stars all over the world. Get ready boys for thalaivars 3d fight and action...Kochadaiyaan

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Samsung galaxy s2 for real hot boys

Samsung Galaxy S2

Smartphones don't come much thinner than the Galaxy S2. If you take out the battery, there seems to almost nothing left. Even with the battery inserted the whole thing weighs a mere 116 grams.

What is certainly big, though, is the screen- at 4.3 inches it is way bigger than the 3.5 inch iPhone 4. It is also very, very bright. Even in sunlight the super amoled display burns bright enough to watch your movies with ease.
The Tegra 2 processor is fast. Android 2.3 gives you all your favorite apps. The camera is a capable 8 MP.
What is there not to like? Well, it is not the cheapest smartphone around with the 16GB version weighing in at around $600 on Amazon, contract-free.
That has not stopped it being the most popular Android phone of 2011.